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Dial Depth gages

I have many customers ask me about where to get a reasonably priced Depth Gage.

I have developed one here that will fill that bill.   It has an inexpensive Dial Indicator,

Cast iron Depth Gage Base that I make, Starrett 60 degree Contact Point and a Setting Gage that I make, to Calibrate the Depth Gage to the correct setting. 


This is an inexpensive Chinese Dial Indicator with the Reverse Reading numbers in small red font.  Those are the numbers that you read to set your V-Groove Depth.

They increase in the counter clock wise direction.

 Price for this Set is $95 including USPS shipping   Med. Flat Rate Box

This set is available to US only as overseas shipping is very high. 



Depth Gage sitting on Setting Gage

This Setting Gage is calibrated to 0.086".  This is used to calibrate the Depth Gage Dial.

If it's off a little then loosen the knurled knob just to the right quadrant and rotate the

outside knurled ring until it lines up with the correct reading.  Then snug the lock knob

back down.  Just snug, not over tight.  The knurled knob at the top middle is the end

of the Depth Gage shaft.  Don't let that snap down hard.  This is a delicate instrument. 

Current Depth Dial Gage   

read the little red numbers. Ignore the larger black ones. 

Ignore the little Revolution Counter Dial too.   It has no use for a Depth Gage. 

Setting Gage

This is the Calibrated Setting Gage that I supply as part of the Depth Gage Set.

This one is 0.086" deep.  When you put the depth gage point into the 60° hole

it should read 0.086.    

Depth Gage and Setting Gage

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That's a Starrett 60° Contact Point. 


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