Swearingen Planing Forms


Laying out Stations

Bars are blued with Dykem and laid out at 5" intervals.

Drilling Stations

Precision Hardened Steel Dowel Stations are spot drilled, Finish drilled and then reamed using my Rockwell Vertical knee mill. 

Followed by spot drilling and final drilling through both bars for the Pull screws.

The bars are separated and the Push Screw stations are spotted and drilled through one bar only. 


Tapping for Push and Pull screws

I use a Procunier Tapping Head to tap all 30 Push/Pull holes in a set of Forms.

Then it's time to assemble the planing forms.  Insert dowels first followed by the Push and Pull screws.

 I used to hand Flat File the faces.  In fact I flat filed the first 105 Planing Forms that I made.

Now I have found a good machine shop that will accurately Surface grind those faces for me.  A win-win.

Now it's on to filing the all important 60 degree V-Groove.


Rough Milling the Tapered V-Groove

This is where my mill really gets a workout.

60 degree Double Angle Milling Cutter on a Stub Arbor.



Filing V-Grooves or finished dimensions

The rough milled v-groove is nowhere near good enough for accurate strip planing so it is necessary to finish file the grooves to final dimension and smooth.

After this step it's still necessary to run a 60degree triangular stone down the grooves to deburr.

Followed by a last smooth mill file over the faces and to knock off sharp corners for a final cleanup.